More About Me

Hello, I’m Kirsten Campbell, & I came to Port Townsend in 1997 aboard my wooden sailboat to get some work done on it. After completing the work, and finding employment, the pull to stay here was too great to ignore & I couldn’t leave.

This vibrant, artful, seaport community became my home. Since then, I’ve grown a family, and explored the mountains, forests, and sea. I’ve continued to watch this community evolve from a boat building and arts community into a world class destination.

Sailboat ownership taught me the importance of owning my own space, and in 2005 I purchased my first home. What I learned over the many years of remodeling it, was how inextricably linked home ownership is to a sense of comfort and place in this world.

That experience kicked off my 20 year career and love of home rehab and home ownership. I learned that dedication, hard work, knowledge and grit firmly planted me from sea to land. That same attention, dedication, vision, and hard work will help me to guide you to the perfect home.